Designing a vibrant brand to an analytics platform


Visual Identity
Design system
Product design
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2018 - ongoing



Dandi is a pioneering analytics platform built to make Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs measurable, trackable, and more successful. Over the course of a years-long engagement, we worked with Dandi’s founders to design vibrant, scalable visual systems for its brand and product.

Handle any data set imaginable. DEI data sets are huge, and no two are the same. Dandi needed a product language that could bring meaning to any and all customer data.

The solution
Get responsive. Dandi’s product language is built of components in code, allowing it to react and respond uniquely to each data set. Colors, graphs, and type were chosen to maximize legibility. The result? A fluid, functional system that can handle whatever customers throw at it. 


Dandi’s founders wanted to avoid the usual brand tropes of the HR tech space. As a lean team, they also needed a system that was easy enough for anyone to use.

Rather than create a rigid brand, we developed a big, bold system that was hard to break and simple to use. A broad, vibrant color palette makes it easy to create many different assets, while the instantly recognizable logo can be used in any number of ways.


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