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IMIO is on a mission to unlock greater agricultural productivity and restore the planet by harnessing the intelligence of living microbes. The company’s all-natural microbial inoculants allow farmers to grow healthier, more productive crops without relying on agricultural chemicals. Following years of R&D and clinical research, we worked with IMIO’s founders to bring their product to farms everywhere.

IMIO wasn’t only bringing a new product to market; they were also launching a direct-to-consumer e-commerce experience that was unique to the agriculture space. They needed an instantly recognizable identity that would carry across all touchpoints.

The solution
Our solution was to let nature and science work together. We created a visual system that’s both modern and organic. The wordmark blends a clean sans-serif with natural line forms, while the system’s colors and imagery toe the line between fields and the lab. Just like IMIO.

We also fully embraced the idea that IMIO is a living product. The brand voice is capable of being expressed from the voice of the microbes themselves, allowing these microscopic heroes to express their value directly to IMIO’s customers. Some brands go viral. Ours went microbial.


ARR growth in 6 months since brand launch

Raised pre-seed on a $8M valuation

Monthly website visits and reaching 10M+ home gardeners per year after closing first nationwide distribution deal with

“G–W’s brand and website development not only transformed our public image, it tremendously accelerated our company’s growth and recognition in the market. Since launching IMIO, we’ve increased monthly bookings 351%, including 7 Subscription Agreements for monthly deliveries of our products. The talent at G-W is obvious to anyone who sees their work, but their commitment to truly understanding our company, customers, and vision drives exceptional results. I’m deeply grateful to G-W for the growth and impact they’re helping us to achieve.”

Charles Smith, Founder & CEO

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